The Future! And other such various thoughts

Written: 10/15/2023

hey LOSERS. kidding you guys arent losers and i appreciate anyone that like. actually actively checks my site. that would be pretty fuckin cool if you did?? also i know my first blog entry had at least somewhat formal grammar and punctuation etcetc but im lazy and trying new stuff so this entry is gonna be a free for all.

I haven't updated the site in a hot minute (2 weeks PHEEE YEW) and thats mainly because of how busy I am with school??? Without revealing too much about myself, I'm an active crew member on a lot of the live productions that are put on at my school, and the show i'm currently on has a lot of work involved (well, almost all of them do). But it's been burning me out like INSANE. i do it for the money and fame tho (lying)

Now that i'm done filling space rambling random thoughts, it's time to ramble more but with 25% more coherence!

I'm american, therefore I experience all the joys and pleasures of intense late stage capitalism. Since i'm heading to college soon, the prospect of having to be in immense amounts of student loans has started to haunt me. From the start of my very humble highschool education ive always felt that our education system wasn't as good as it could be. I definitely dont get anxiety hearing horror stories from honors students with a 4.0 gpa and 50 extracurriculars getting rejected from good colleges, and i definitely dont think the ivy league college system is a sham.(ultra sarcasm) It's honestly so unfair and frankly weird that people are looked down upon for going to community colleges, when it's in some cases a good choice education-wise, not to mention financially. Ugh, maybe i'm getting too pessimistic. I appreciate my history teacher for making us chant pep talks to ourselves about getting into college even though im literally failing his class.

Okay, it's getting late and the blue light is ruining my eyes so im cutting this entry short. God now i have to update my code multiple times, why is maintaing a site such hard work??? jkjk not complaining i worked hard on this site i dont want to forget about it like i do w every other hyperfixation. I think im gonna make a microblog at this point because of how short these fucking entries are turning out.